Brain Drizzle

*Comedy Coaching

*Joke Writing and Customized humor

*Career Consultant


I specialize in helping people like you get better at everything you do in the arena of comedy and performance. I will help you become a better performer, funnier, a better writer and help you make sound career decisions. 

Who Am I

I have been a full time comedian and performer for over 30 years. My career highlights include four Tonight Show appearances, six TED TALK presentations, A Presidential command performance, A Showtime special with Jonathan Winters, Two Guinness World Records and opening for some of the greatest comedy talent in the world including tours with Billy Crystal, Robin Williams, Rosanne Bar, Howie Mandel, Gary Shandling, Dennis Miller and Dana Carvey.


What I Do  

“Thanks to Dan Holzman's comedy skills my life is vastly improved, business has never been better and I finally have sex appeal.”

El Gleno Grande (Physical comedian)